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All About Portfolio Night

“What is this ‘Portfolio Night’ anyway?”

At its core, Portfolio Night is an event where aspiring young advertising copywriters, art directors and designers meet with several renowned advertising creative directors in a fast-paced evening of advice, networking and recruitment. While the evening has been jokingly called “speed-dating for creatives”, it’s really much more than that. In the eleven years since its inception, Portfolio Night has grown to a global event, reaching creative hubs in every continent in an evening where the best of the present meets the best of the years to come.

Now in its twelfth year, Portfolio Night brings together thousands of young creatives, hundreds of creative directors, dozens of host agencies in cities around the world, and a select few global partners, all in a “one night only” event across the planet. Below you can see what Portfolio Night means to each of these groups.

For the young creatives…

pn10newspicYou’ve been working on your portfolio for months. You’ve slaved away at a top-notch ad school. And now you’re ready to step into the wonderful world of advertising and design!

It’s extremely difficult to get face time with creative directors. Portfolio Night is an opportunity to not only showcase your work to many of the top creative directors in your city all in one evening, but to get important face time with them as well. You’ll make new contacts and gain valuable advice from industry superstars on how to make your portfolio shine. If you’re lucky (and very, very talented) you just might find yourself on the receiving end of a job offer!

Even if you’re not signing a job contract at the end of the evening, Portfolio Night is an exciting experience. Have a drink or a bite to eat with your peers and make a new friend or two. Meet with industry-related companies who just might have the tips and tricks you need to improve your work. All in a cool environment that respects the obstacles you faced just to make it this far. After all, the Portfolio Night team knows exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes, as most of us were junior creatives ourselves.

For the creative directors…

portfolionight09__mg_5627You’ve worked hard for many years, and although the hours are still long, your efforts have paid off. But while the view from the upper echelons is grand, you never forget that it all started with somebody giving you the chance to make your first impact.

Portfolio Night is a perfect opportunity to give back to the industry, by guiding the earliest steps of the future copywriters, art directors and designers. These young creatives work tirelessly and often travel hundreds and even thousands of miles for the chance to meet with you and learn from your advice.

While many creative directors attend Portfolio Night for altruistic reasons, it’s no secret that many others also attend with their eyes keenly looking for the Next Big Thing. Every year, in every city, there are some gems among the young creatives who could prove to be a perfect fit for your team. Portfolio Night thus becomes a crucial tool in recruiting fresh talent.

For the City Hosts…

portfolio-night-09-24A globe spanning event such as Portfolio Night would be an impossible task if not for the passion and commitment of the City Hosts championing the evening in cities all over the world. City Hosts prove themselves to be leaders in their cities, rallying their peers to get involved in the worthy — and necessary — cause of supporting the next generation of creative talent. It takes a lot of drive, but being a City Host gets your city and your voice heard on the ad industry’s global stage,

City Hosts work alongside the  Portfolio Night team, co-ordinating every last detail to ensure that the night runs as smoothly as possible. They know their cities better than anybody else, and lay the groundwork that leads to an incredible evening. The reward? You mean besides the rush of giving back to your industry, the pride of helping dozens of young creatives take their first steps and the recognition of your peers within your town and around the world? Just some old fashioned good karma.

For the Global Partners…

There are few events in the advertising and design industries that involve as many participants as Portfolio Night, and none reach almost every corner of the globe in one evening the way that Portfolio Night does. Global Partners are the glue that binds it all together. the connection between what’s happening in Lisbon and Los Angeles, Barcelona and Beirut, Toronto and Tunis. They say you can’t be in two places at once, but Portfolio Night Global Partners can be in every place, every city that evening, side by side with the greatest creative directors in welcoming a whole new generation of creative talent into the business.


We want the next Portfolio Night to be better than ever before, and we’ve started preparations much earlier than usual this year. Take a look around the website; I’m sure you’ll find the answers to any questions you might have, and the Portfolio Night global team is always ready to help.

See you in May!

sarahpn19oicSarah West
Portfolio Night Global Manager
+44 20 3286 2887