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No sleep till Brooklyn: Huge hosts PN12 New York

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NYEver since PNIV in 2006, Portfolio Night has been a big deal in New York City.

This year, it’s gonna be Huge.

For the first time in its long history, Portfolio Night New York will be escaping Manhattan and heading to DUMBO, all thanks to Huge, PN12 New York’s City Host.

ADC had an opportunity to chat with Jon Jackson, Executive Creative Director at Huge, to discuss the famed digital agency’s involvement in the world’s largest portfolio review.


ADC: Huge is hosting Portfolio Night New York for the first time this year, and bringing it to Brooklyn for the first time ever. What made you want to get involved? 

jonjacksonJon: We wanted to get involved with Portfolio Night to meet and celebrate the young creative talent out there in New York. As an agency, we get excited about working with the latest technology. We’re always looking to what’s next. And young creatives have the chance to push those boundaries as they create work for smaller projects or clients. Having students showing us what they have been doing and what they’re excited about is always energizing. Also, at Huge we have a tone of makers, and the opportunity to share in the creative process for an evening with a group of passionate students is something we all are looking forward to.

Bringing the night to Brooklyn is also exciting for us. Having been in the borough for more than ten years, we are thrilled to share our little piece of NYC with the students.

ADC: What’s the biggest new development in New York’s advertising industry? How do you think Portfolio Night fits into this evolution?

Jon: What we are seeing in the industry in New York is the rise of well-rounded creatives. With emerging media and new channels, clients asks have become more and more unique. The clear-cut lines of what is “digital” and what is “traditional” are disappearing. So having multi-facetted and multi-talented creative teams will allow agencies to deliver great work on any and all types of projects.

Portfolio Night fits into this evolution because the type of work these students are making is naturally multi-dimensional; they are organically thinking across multiple platforms and channels. And that’s the work we’re most excited to see and talk about.

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