Come To Portfolio Night!


Portfolio Night 2019 took place in cities all over the world on Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

Please check back in August 2019 for updates on Portfolio Night 2020.

It’s the perfect event for you to receive practical advice about your portfolio, to make new contacts and maybe even to land a job — or at least begin a journey that leads to one! And of course, the ultimate reward of the evening goes to the person with the very best portfolio in each city, who is named a Portfolio Night All-Star and flown to New York City to collaborate with other All-Stars from around the world on a global brand brief. As you can see, Portfolio Night is more than just a review, it’s an event that you — and your career — can’t afford to miss!

When tickets for 2020 are live, please be sure to read “Is Portfolio Night Right For Me?” in our FAQ.

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Your Portfolio Night Ticket

Your Portfolio Night ticket will get you personal face time with at least three creative directors, the opportunity to replace the butterflies in your stomach with some food and beverages.

You'll also get the chance to make a lot of new friends in a fun, inspiring environment, and to know that the same thing is happening that very same day to people much like yourself all over the planet. All in all, a pretty eventful evening!

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Attend Portfolio Night As A Reviewer

Portfolio Night attracts not only aspiring young advertising creatives the world over, but it has also become a very important day for creative directors to take a break from their daily grind to give helpful advice, become mentors and possibly even find a new superstar or two for their own agencies. 

Each City Host is wholly responsible for the privilege of inviting creative directors to participate in their city. That said, if you are a creative director and would like to participate as a reviewer, the Portfolio Night Global Team can pass your requests on to the City Hosts for consideration.