Bring Portfolio Night To Your City


Portfolio Night is an advertising event like no other, and its City Hosts are the local and national heroes of the event. Together we break down the walls between agencies and up-and-comers. We will take the future of the advertising industry into our own hands.

Every participating city needs a City Host to successfully carry out Portfolio Night. City Hosts are in charge of leading and organizing Portfolio Night in their respective cities, with the support and guidance of the Portfolio Night management team.

The Portfolio Night team provides almost everything a City Host needs to put on a successful Portfolio Night, based on a model perfected after years of experience. The City Host provides the manpower to bring it all together and unite their city’s advertising industry in a celebration of the next generation of creative talent.

Not every city is suitable to be a Portfolio Night Host location. While you don’t need to be as big as a New York, a Toronto or a London, you do need to have a sizeable advertising community. Your city must have a pool of enthusiastic young talent from which to draw, be it portfolio schools or universities and colleges with advertising programs.

It’s hard work being a Portfolio Night City Host, but it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. You’ll gain local, national and international recognition, you’ll be able to recruit top young talent, and you’ll be viewed as a champion of the new generation of creatives by your peers and by the young participants.

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Advertising Agencies

Over the years, most Portfolio Night City Hosts have been advertising agencies. From famous multinationals such as Ogilvy & Mather,  DDB,  McCann,  Y&R, BBDO and JWT, to smaller shops like SID LEE, Perfect Fools and David&Goliath, these agencies are united by a passion for championing the next generation of creative superstars.

City Hosts are the ones who carry their city’s banner on the Portfolio Night world stage, and whether you’re the biggest agency in town, a small upstart in a land of giants, or even a group of agencies pooling resources for the common good, Portfolio Night is a fantastic opportunity for agencies to be recognized as leaders within their cities and beyond.

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Schools, Clubs & Associations

While advertising agencies make up the majority of Portfolio Night’s past City Hosts, they are by no means the only ones. Many advertising and portfolio schools have successfully carried the Portfolio Night torch, as have local advertising clubs and associations. Schools already have a network of eager young creatives wanting to participate, and ad clubs are often a neutral hub of activity for the industry in their cities. Schools and clubs often have experience in hosting portfolio reviews, and this is a golden chance to elevate those reviews to a global level with Portfolio Night and Portfolio Night All-Stars.

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What Our Hosts Have Said

Being a Portfolio Night City Host is a tremendous undertaking, but the rewards are incredible. However, don’t take our word for it! Here are some of the reactions that we’ve received from City Hosts throughout the years:

On Wednesday evening, 25 of the finest Greek creative directors met 50 ambitious young creatives at the Athens Portfolio Night. The event struck back against the pessimistic Greek economy with some of the best portfolios in the past five years, as well as a talented young creative on his way to New York for Portfolio Night All-Stars!
— Bold Ogilvy & Mather, Athens
It was a great event! Everything went really, really well, and everyone enjoyed it, from the reviewers to the students.
— SapientNitro, Boston
Well we did it again! We sold over 100 tickets in Shanghai and nearly that amount in Beijing. It was a great success, and we are about to hire three students here in Shanghai that we met last night at Portfolio Night.
— Ogilvy & Mather China, Beijing
The event last night was a success! I think the Portfolio Night All-Stars competition helps to boost both ticket sales and quality candidates! Thanks to the Portfolio Night support team for giving us this opportunity.
— Ogilvy & Mather, Shanghai
We received such good feedback from people that attended. Students were coming up to us thanking us for organizing such a great event. All the hard work paid off!
— Doner, Detroit
What a night! It was incredible. I am still recovering, as I am sure most people all over the world are.You just had to be here. Portfolio Night blew everyone involved away.
— Mccann, Johannesburg
We had a fantastic evening! It was the first time for us to have hosted something so huge in our office and it was fabulous! The event was a roaring success, as all the judges were very enthusiastic and encouraging.
— J. Walter Thompson, mumbai
We would like to thank you for the tremendous support you gave us to make Portfolio Night happen seamlessly. Portfolio Night All-Stars was a great hit ...and we have managed to find a real gem here!
— Leo Burnett, New Delhi